Zouzoukos Online Training Platform

The Classroom is dead; Learn Quicker, Work Smarter

Welcome to Zouzoukos, a flexible e-learning platform that you can roll out to both staff and customers. In today's environment we need to work smarter, not harder, with greater efficiency and productivity. Whatever the department within your organisation, whatever customer location, Zouzoukos can help bridge the training gap.



Efficient and effective training is a must in today's environment. With Zouzoukos your sales team has great access to your latest products and solutions. You can create and update your training courses quickly and have them rolled out no matter where the sales force is based.

Call Center

Running a call center is about minimising idle time and maximising service. With Zouzoukos you can develop short training modules that advisers can start and stop during idle periods.


Do you need to provide training and updates to your customers? Zouzoukos allows you to roll out new courses and information easily and effortlessly. Are charges applicable? No problem, because charges can be associated with the course and taken as the customer registers.


With compliance training you need to roll out and evidence a consistent messsage across all staff while ensuring it is provided in multiple formats. Zouzoukos ensures there is no trainer bias as everyone receives the same content.


Personnel departments need to ensure they keep the workforce motivated and learning while maintaining training records. Zouzoukos keeps your training records and performance results secure and safe, removing a burden from Personnel to help them focus on developing the employees.

Home Based

Maintaining contact and information flows with home and field based staff can be difficult. Zouzoukos not only allows you to ensure they maintain their training but can also be used to roll out newsletters and videos to ensure the team remains connected to your business.

Great companies have great people and great people takes training and development.

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