Provide Videos, Articles and Quizzes online
Quizzes can be scored or unscored; correct answers can be shown or secret
Multiple choice, multiple answer and matched questions
Courses have a pass score and can be timebound
Free or Paid training content
Flexible front-end allows rebranding and restyling to your specification
System can be hosted by Hexia, on Virtual Servers or your own hardware



Training material can be provided as video content, article content, links to other web pages and downloadable material. This enables you to provide the same message and material in a variety of ways, with a variety of examples to meet everyone's learning style.

Test Learning

Quizzes and tests can be interspersed througout the course. These can be scored for a final mark or used to check understanding. There are three different styles of question, allowing you to mix up question style for maximum interest. Correct answers can also be shown or not, depending on your preference for that particular module.

Income Stream

If you sell training, Zouzoukos opens a new income stream to your portfolio. You do not need to be present or base your training in the classroom, allowing the course to be taken by hundreads or thousands of students at the same time.

Customer Service

Zouzoukos allows you to provide training on-line at times which meet your customers' needs. They do not need to pull a dozen people out of their day job, causing major disruption.

Reporting Suite

Zouzoukos comes with a complete reporting suite, allowing you to see which courses are being used, student progress and scores.

Hosting Options

If you don't have an IT department, no need to worry. We can host your system for you. Would you prefer to host the system within your firewall? That's fine, we can install Zouzoukos on site. The choice is yours.

Zouzoukos brings great functionality and flexibility to your business and your customers.

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